When it comes to bees, you can’t afford to wait around for a slow-paced company. We promise to respond quickly and efficiently to all your bee removal needs.

Serving the Ashburn area.

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Proudly servicing the Ashburn area.
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Upfront Pricing

We offer Upfront Pricing. No surprises. No hidden fees. Call Now and get our Premium Easy Bee Bee Removal Service.

All Work Guaranteed

We are here to solve your bee problem. We understand bees and we make sure they won't come back. Guaranteed!

Quick Response Time

We have the ability, expertise and manpower to provide a quick response to every bee emergency.


Wasp Nests Removal

The term “wasp” is applied to hornets, yellow jackets, mud daubers, and other slender-waisted flying insects. The “paper wasp” is most common, without pesticides we can remove their little nests that they attach in all the wrong places.

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Structural Hive Removals

Whether bees are entering through the eaves, wall, or the shed floor, a beehive can nest in a structure for a long time before you see signs of trouble. We can remove them alive, get all the honeycombs out same day. Satisfaction guaranteed

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Live Bee Removal Swarm Captures

We can do live captures if a migrating swarm has suddenly landed on your tree, car, fence, container, compost bin, or lodged itself inside some sort of utility box and relocate them for safekeeping.

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Pest Control Services

We provide quick, safe and responsive pest control solutions to protect you and your property from pest infestations and their associated risks.

  • Bed bugs
  • Fleas
  • Rodents
Quality Service Guaranteed

What our clients say

Happy Bee Removal Service Customers

Joe came out right away and took care of the bees coming in and out of my kitchen window. He was awesome and gave us a military discount. Super nice guy!! Great service with a great price.

Sarah Tocco
Bee Customer

Called for removal of multiple wasp nests, in 30 minutes he arrived and remove the nests. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. Everything was handled in short order for a great price!

Tiffany Taylor
Bee Customer

I found carpenter bees in my deck and was really worried. I called Easy Bee, and they were very knowledgeable and came out the same day. I highly recommend his company. Reasonably priced too.

Brian Gebby
Bee Customer

Truly excellent service. They helped us get rid of bees in our garage that kept coming back. We couldn't have been more pleased, they do a meticulous job in making sure they get all areas of concern!

May Shabaka
Bee Customer

Great service quickly done. The carpenter bees that harassed my garage for 2 years are now gone with just one treatment as well as ants and spiders that were there. I’m am very happy with this company.

Shaki Z
Bee Customer
Easy Bee Removal

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